An illustration of things the N-Judah does that I like

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Muni rider Yian lives right by the N-Judah and created this pretty illustration about some of the things that the N-Judah does for her, aside from getting her around town. She says:

Here’s an ode to my (very loud and much beloved) San Francisco neighbor, the N Judah. The community building exercises are in reference to the many occasions when riders have had to get off and move cars out of its way. And my races with the N have often resulted in my victory.

Click here to see the illustration in detail.

We have a couple of rider-documented instances of the community-building, car-lifting exercise Yian refers to. Here’s real-life evidence of superhero Muni riders moving a car out of the N-Judah’s way. Seems it happens all too frequently

Thanks to Yian for sending this to us.

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