MuniMobile ticketing app now available to all riders

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You’ve seen the ads on the bus. Now you can download Muni’s mobile ticket app on your pocket computers today (hat tip to Akit for his post here). The MuniMobile app is available for iPhone and Android, so you can give it a whirl.

I just downloaded the app onto my iPhone. You can only buy single tickets, a cable car ticket, or a 1,3,7-day pass. There doesn’t seem to be a way to buy a monthly pass on the mobile app, or to transfer the November monthly pass that I already bought (duh) from my Clipper Card onto the new mobile app. And you won’t be able to do inter-agency transfers to BART or Caltrain on the mobile app. So for now, I can’t really use this app until … never. But your word is better than mine: Have you used the MuniMobile ticketing app. If so, how did it work for you?

A few bits of advice from the MuniMobile people on how to use the app (hint: Don’t change your phone! Your tickets don’t automagically transfer to a new phone).

  • Don’t uninstall the MuniMobile mobile tickets app, upgrade to a new device, or reset your phone without transferring your tickets to your online account first. Your tickets are stored on your phone (which makes it possible to use them without an Internet connection), so uninstalling the app can permanently erase your tickets! To learn more about how to transfer your tickets, please visit the MuniMobile mobile ticketing website.
  • Activate your ticket by tapping the “Use” button when you see your train approaching. Your ticket must be activated before boarding a train.
  • Watch your phone battery level. Just like with paper tickets, you are responsible for making sure you have a valid fare at all times.
  • Changing your email address? Your downloaded ticket(s) are linked to the email address you used when you bought them. If you sign in to the app with a different email address, those tickets will not be available.


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