Hubba hubba! This Muni burlesque is amazingly on-theme

alexa vk hubba hubba muni

Muni is a lot of things, but sexy isn’t really one that comes to my mind (cue your favorite “back door” jokes here). So imagine my surprise when I found that Alexa Von Kickinface of the Hubba Hubba Revue came up with a burlesque act all about the bus. Here she is onstage in front of an enthralled audience, with a box adorned with…wait for it…the Muni worm logo. What?

From Alexa herself:

It’s a burlesque act to the Red Hot Chili Peppers cover of “Love Roller Coaster” about riding Muni. The box is my “bus” that I start off driving, then riding, then dry humping out of undying love.

Oh, and as if this can get any better, Alexa writes to tell us that her pasties are made from laminated paper Fast Passes from 2009!

Photo by Alexa Von Kickinface

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