How Super Bowl construction will affect your life on Muni

super bowl muni construction

Construction for the Super Bowl pregame activities start next weekend, so here’s a closer look at how Sports Bowl will impact your transit life in the next few weeks.

The short story is: Don’t drive downtown. If you’re reading this on Muni Diaries, you already got the memo. Even though the game will be played in Santa Clara at Levi’s Stadium, a “fan village” called Super Bowl City (free to the public) is being built at the foot of Market Street, and a “pro football interactive theme park” will be at Moscone Center.

The pregame events open on Jan. 30, with hundreds of thousands of people are expected to descend on our city in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, which is on Feb. 7. Officials expect to spend about a week after the event tearing everything down, according to SFGate, so the whole shebang might last from Jan. 22 to Feb 12.

You can see the construction area in the map above. Details from the SFMTA:

  • All Muni lines will operate downtown except the E-line.
  • Muni Metro will continue to run in the subway.
  • Some bus lines that run downtown will be re-routed to nearby streets and may have a stop a block or two away from their original location.
  • The F Line will be truncated with streetcars continuing to run from the Ferry Building to Fisherman’s wharf. Buses will replace streetcars for service from the Embarcadero to the Castro.

San Francisco will spend about $4 million in taxpayer money to host Super Bowl, including $1.7 million for the SFMTA for increased services, according to the Examiner. The Examiner also says that the city hopes to make the money back through tax revenue during the event, according a memo by the mayor’s office.


  • Suzanne

    Is this how we spend the tax payers money. I am so sick of the inconvenience of getting around an already raunchy downtown. For those of us who depend on public transportation to get around the downtown area, this is an outrage and an inconvenience to those of us who live her in SF. I think our Tax dollars can be better sent on other important services that are greatly need to improve SF, like housing! and social services for the homeless, and the underserved. Why downtown! why not some other area where the people who have to work for a living aren’t impacted.

    • Bus Driver


      Wrestlemania generated the Santa Carla some money…

      I think the Superbowl 50 that generate the money should pay fully on the event costs. (The Extra service are at Muni Request)

  • Dexter Wong

    Some people on Reddit have expressed their opinion that downtown San Francisco will be in gridlock during the Super Bowl festivities. Muni has erected video cameras to monitor traffic in the area, although that makes civil liberty followers nervous over who else is also watching those cameras.

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