How to remove a Muni shelter from the street in four easy steps

Muni stop burrito justice 1

If you’re planning a grand heist involving a Muni shelter, Burrito Justice is here to help. He recently captured such a heist in action, as seen above and below, on Precita street.

Step 1: Obtain some fire trucks and firefighters to help you block off the street and oncoming traffic.

Step 2: Befriend your neighborhood tow truck operation and convince them that this is totally legit.

Muni stop burrito justice 2

Step 3: Sit back and admire the glorious Muni shelter elevated in all its glory. Live tweet or Snapchat optional.

Muni stop burrito justice 3

Step 4: Don’t forget the orange cones. Safety!

Muni stop burrito justice 4

We know that someone out there actually has an old-school Muni shelter in their possession from our 2010 Great Muni Shelter Giveaway. I wonder if that particular Muni stop will make a Burning Man appearance any time soon …

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