Doves keep crying for Prince in Muni graffiti

Kind of looks like Kurt Vonnegut drew this… #muni #sfmuni #graffiti #ripprince #prince

A photo posted by Lance Eason (@lanceblastoff) on

Heaven will never be the same now that Prince has joined the ranks, and the mourning continues down here on Earth for The Purple One. Thank you @lanceblastoff for snapping this Kurt Vonnegut-esque graffiti on Muni. We’re still playing that bit of “Kiss” from the one-woman band/mime at Muni Diaries Live, and hoping that raspberry beret will always have a special meaning.

By the way, out of all the Prince live show clips, this one from Afropunk will really blow your mind as Prince kicks serious ass on every single instrument on stage.

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