Muni wires light up outside SFGate office

A video posted by @sfgate on

It’s not every day that news happens right outside the news office. The Muni wires outside the SFGate office were causing a loud “boom” and fireworks flashed every time an older bus passed by. Above is the video from SFGate’s Instagram account.

Then “the entire @sfgate staff watched the Muni crew fix the wires that were causing the big booms.”

A video posted by @sfgate on


On a separate note, if you haven’t heard about the plan to “flood San Francisco with news of homelessness,” led by the Chronicle in collaboration with just about all the news outlets in the city, check out The New York Times story here.


  • Dexter Wong

    This appears to be some sort of arcing at the crossing of the two sets of wires. The trolley buses passing in the video are the ETI buses which make up the bulk of the fleet. There are newer New Flyer trolley buses, but there aren’t that many of them just yet.

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