‘Keep your eyes up…’ and open on Muni

#sfmuni had a message for me tonight. #inspiration

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SFMTA likes to remind us, via that robotic voice of God, to keep eyes up and phones down while riding Muni. But because Facebook, we don’t so much.

Still, “through the Muni window” is one of the nicest recurring themes here on Muni Diaries, ’cause you can tell these impromptu street photogs heeded the the voice of God and took a beat. It is literally a window into life in San Francisco — which we’re very much partial to — and it’s def more interesting than what’s trending on Twitter.

Sure, you’ve got your Sharpie dickpic originals (Banksy would be so proud), and other days you’re full-on minus Muni window. But there’s lots to see (and read) through the Muni looking glass, wouldn’t you say?

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