SFMTA releases safety coloring book

sfmta coloring book page 1

In a surprisingly quirky move, the SFMTA released a transit safety coloring book for young people (or just adult hipsters in need of some Zen). The coloring book also has other games, like a word finder, fun facts, and safety tips for kids.

From the SFMTA:

This is an activity book for young people created by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, also called the SFMTA. The SFMTA oversees the City’s entire land-based transportation system including walking, bicycling, Muni buses, Muni Metro light rail, cable cars, historic streetcars, Paratransit cabs and vans, taxis, parking and traffic. This activity book will show you how to be safe when you are moving through San Francisco’s lively urban landscape. Safety starts with all of us: Slow down, be alert and share the road.

sfmta coloring book muni diaries page 4

It’d be pretty meta to do this while riding the bus, no? You can download the SFMTA coloring book here.

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