Muni buses will finally get air conditioning


Muni buses are getting air conditioning for the first time, for, you know, those 10 days of the year when you don’t need to wear a hoodie. The SF Examiner reports that 98 of Muni’s 880 buses will get air conditioning by September, and the rest of the fleet will have air conditioning installed by 2018.

John Haley, director of transit at the SFMTA, said that operators voiced a need to cool the air in the buses. The cost of installing air conditioning is about $5.1 million, SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose told the Examiner.

I don’t know anyone with air conditioning in their homes, so I guess we’ll see you on the bus during our Indian summer?

Photo by stefan klocek

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  • Dexter Wong

    Actually, the first time Muni buses were air conditioned was in 1969, when GMC buses 3180-3189 were delivered with air conditioners over the rear windows. They weren’t used long before Muni turned them off. The second time was in 1980, when Grumman-Flxible 870 buses 3030-3054 had air conditioners that covered the rear windows. They weren’t around long before they were sold. (The model 870 bus had some structural problems.) So this would make it the third time Muni has tried to air condition their buses.

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