Cranky Next Muni signs waiting for 3G

next bus broken sign examiner
Noticed all those Next Muni signs that says, “Registering…” just when you arrive at your bus stop? We saw one of the stops in the Mission that said, “waiting for 3G…”, and the Examiner confirmed that this is indeed what was happening.

From the Examiner:

The culprit is a systems migration for AT&T’s wireless networks, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which runs Muni. AT&T is moving away from its 2G networks and toward 3G, which has impacted some signs, according to SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose.

If you thought that we were actually already in the 4G age, you’re not wrong. Next Muni’s signs depend on the network for GPS information. As AT&T moves the signs toward 3G, it has impacted about 8 percent of signs across the city. The Examiner reports that SFMTA is working on restoring services to these signs.

Meanwhile, you can always relay on this most accurate Next Bus sign in the city.

Photo via SF Examiner

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