How to survive a crowded BART train

BART’s ridership is at an all-time high, and the agency reminds us in this commonsense video on how to survive a crowded BART train. I hope at least a few more people will now actually put their backpacks between their feet on a crowded train!

Other tips include riding the first or last train, offering your seat to riders in need, and for god’s sake, don’t try to force the door open. Even if it doesn’t hold up the train, you’ll die a thousand deaths from the shade that your fellow riders will be throwing at you.

Thanks to your contribution, we have a few more tips to add:

  1. Don’t, whatever you do, ride shoeless on BART. Gross.
  2. Transport your refrigeration appliances (large or large-ish) during non-commute hours.
  3. Quit that manspreading (or woman-spreading)—it’s just not necessary.
  4. Wait until you get home to do your nails (Princess Dog’s pet-icure can wait, too).

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