Fast Pass prices go up September 1, in case you forgot

fast passes price sheet muni diaries

In what’s become rather regular news every other year or so, you’re gonna have to shell out $3 more for your monthly A or M Fast Passes starting next month. So why must we squirrel away more change for the bus?

Since 2009, Muni fares have been set by Muni’s Automatic Fare Indexing Policy, which means that prices are determined by a formula based on monetary inflation and operations costs. The nitty gritty formula is in the fare indexing policy page here.

Here’s a handy chart for the different types of passes:
muni fast passes price increase 2016 muni diaries
Source: SFMTA

If you have automatic upload, you’ll see the prices reflected automagically on your statement in mid August for next month’s Fast Pass.

In the meantime, let’s take a little walk down Muni memory lane. When Fast Passes, at relatively bargain-basement prices, showed up more reliably than our buses in fabulous color combinations. Thankfully, many of them live on as art and keepsakes of the hella SF variety.

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