Where can transit get you in 30 minutes in San Francisco?


How far can public transit take you? A new app maps out just how far you can go within a specific time frame—just move the starting point pin, tell the app how much time you have, and the maps lights up with how far you can go using public transit.

The Commutometer app calculates travel time using Bay Area public transit, including Muni, BART, ferries, Caltrain, and a whole host of other options. Lesson learned? It’s gonna take you more than 30 minutes to get from the north end of the city to have drinks with your Mission friends. And it looks like you can travel to a lot more areas in the city if you’re starting out near the Van Ness Station than, say, Chinatown or other points north. The folks on this Reddit thread have lots more observations (like how quickly you’d have to get away from Colma).

Click around the map and let us know if this is an accurate depiction of your commute.


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