Cat photos take over entire subway station


Making dreams come true for cat ladies everywhere, a group has taken over a subway station in London and covered it entirely with adorable cat pictures. Riders in South London’s Clapham Common tube station were greeted yesterday with photos of adorable (and adoptable) felines rather than obnoxious advertising. How did this magic happen? Atlas Obscura has the details:

The group responsible—the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS)—has been scheming about this since at least April, when their Kickstarter page first popped up. In less than a month, they raised £23,131—enough to turn Clapham Common into Cat-fan Paw-mon. (Sorry.)


Why can’t we have nice things like they do in London? For now we’ll have to make do with these furry Muni cats: in a stroller, on a shoulder, or looking cool in sunglasses!

Photos via CatsNotAds.

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