What’s the most awkward thing you’ve carried on Muni?


Muni Diaries reader Casey reported the latest awkward strange cargo that someone took on Muni because that’s how you get around town:

When you have to take a streetcar to transport a spare tire to the nearest gas station! Thank goodness the train driver was kind enough to drop her off near the gas station.


Whether it’s a giant bubble wrap, a full-size mattress, or Saint Jude himself, our strange cargo report has you covered. Tag us on Instagram #munidiaries to submit your own report!

Photo via @cmalado

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  • gran turismo

    using muni, i once brought home a fullsized handtruck that i’d just bought at the hardware store. the driver wasn’t pleased, and felt it necessary to point out he wasn’t a freight service and that he could refuse me entry – which is true. but he let me ride anyhow. after that, i brought it onto muni and bart simply by disguising it it a wardrobe bag.

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