Burrito plays crucial role in woman’s perfect comeback to Muni pickup artist


Muni rider Irene McCalphin just witnessed the perfect response to creepers on Muni. Via the Muni Diaries Facebook page:

Him: I said hello
Him: Pretty girl! You just going to ignore me?
Her:You don’t want me to pay attention to you.
Him: See was that so hard? How you doing today?
Her: You mean to ask can I get your number today. You want to know if you can fuck me today. The answer to both of these is no. (Pulls a burrito out of her bag and shoves it in her mouth) this the only thing going in my mouth today. (Fishes out what I assume to be a piece of chicken and pinches it between two perfectly manicured talons) you can have some of this though. You want some of this?
Him and the guy next to him: (moves down a seat)
Her: Hey sis, there’s room for you here right next to me.
Me: Thank you sis. How are you doing today?
Her:You know…doing how we do.

My. Hero.

Photo by echoes71

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