New Muni fare hikes for monthly pass and cash riders starting Jan. 1


Heads up: Your monthly A pass is about to get more expensive starting the first of the year. The monthly A pass, which covers rides on both Muni and BART, will go from $86 to $91, while the M pass (Muni only) will stay the same: $73. The cost of discount monthly passes for youth, senior, the disabled, and Medicare recipients will increase from $25 to $36. These fare increases are actually not a part of the Automatic Fare Indexing Policy that we’ve seen annually. They were approved as a part of the 2017 budget back in April.

The SFMTA is increasing the low end of the age bracket for its youth discount from 17 to 18 starting in the new year as well. Muni is continuing the free service for about 60,000 qualifying youth and seniors.

For those of you who pay cash fare instead of getting a monthly pass, the cash single-ride fares are going up, from $2.25 to $2.50. But you can avoid the 25 cent fare increase if you use a Clipper card or the MuniMobile app. Muni says this is meant to speed up boarding.

In slightly better news, you can effectively get a Late Night pass on your Clipper card now — the agency has details here about the fare hike and late night discount.

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