11 Most WTF Muni Moments of 2016


Yes, the entire year of 2016 can be filed under WTF, and some of the tiny “is this really happening” moments happened on our quirky little Muni world. Let’s count the ways.

11. See above: Bad ass toast eater! I mean, how do YOU butter your bread?

10. That one time when a street bird got stuck on the bus and made its way to Twitter fame (and turned into a hilarious on-stage performance at Muni Diaries Live!)

9. Safe sex on the go. And p.s. here’s why you should never touch anything on the bus.

8. Well, safety third.

7. Unz unz unz…were you at the Muni stop rave?

6. Why public transit is necessary.

5. Again, filed under “You had ONE job.”

4. What is wrong with this picture? Oh hai J-Church making a right onto Market Street. Ooops.

3. Attention: goat on Muni!
goat on muni diaries by jason braatz

2. Don’t mistake this mini bottle for your hand sanitizer. That would be a pretty bad idea.

1. Ladies only sit with their legs crossed, you know.
dog sitting perfect muni diaries by thrifteye

And bonus extra credit on BART because 2016: a little video from Reddit.

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