Transit news: new Muni fleet on Fri the 13th, Chinatown leader wants steel barriers for Muni stop


Lots of Muni news in the first half of the year, including a lot of hubbub about the Geary BRT. Your fresh transit news this week:

Chinatown community leader wants Muni stops to be protected by steel bars (SF Examiner). For the next time a car decides to barrel down the street and crash into your Muni shelter.
New Muni fleet to arrive on Friday the 13th (SFist). Sixty four light rail trains will arrive that day, but won’t be in service until training is complete. The new trains are longer and have fewer seats.
When should the supes vote for the Geary Bus Rapid Transit project? (San Francisco Chronicle)
SFFD Rescues Possibly Intoxicated Man Pinned At Waist Between BART Cars In SF (SFist). “Rescuers pushed the train over with inflatable airbags to rescue the man,” and miraculously, he survived.
NextBus was even less accurate than usual (SF Examiner). Not to worry, we have the most accurate NextBus sign to date.
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