The future is on its way to T-Chinatown Station

t chinatown muni by cameron rogers

When is the future coming? In this case, it’s already on its way from San Jose. This photo came from reader Cameron Rogers, who spotted this T train being transported on the freeway. Notice the sign? The Chinatown station hasn’t even been built yet!

In case you haven’t been around Chinatown lately, the new station will be on Stockton and Washington (just around the corner from Good Mong Kok Bakery where you can buy the best shrimp dumplings in the city—seriously). The scheduled opening of the station is December 2018.

Hat tip: Todd of the always-on-point Bernalwood.


  • Anonymous

    This isn’t particularly noteworthy. They’ve had Chinatown in the rotation for a while – you can see it when the K switches to a T when they come into Embarcadero Station and they scroll through all the options.

  • Dexter Wong

    Chinatown Station’s day will come when the Central Subway is finally open and the T has its new terminal there.

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