Muni fare inspectors catch far more evaders near the SFMTA HQ

hoodline muni citation map

Muni’s fare cops issue way more citations near the SFMTA headquarters on South Van Ness than anywhere else in the city, according to Hoodline. The data nerds (and I mean that in the most complimentary way) at Hoodline overlayed the distance between the SFMTA office and the location where a fare citation was issued.

When Hoodline asked SFMTA’s chief security officer, Christopher Grabarkiewctz, why this might be, he didn’t have a super clear explanation:

We certainly have a performance standard that supervisors are supposed to maintain, but a lot of these people have been doing it for a very long time,” said Grabarkiewctz. “I’m not making excuses, it’s certainly something that we try to exercise and there’s constant reminders about this kind of thing.”

Anecdotally, I’ve seen fare inspectors on the 38 as far out as Masonic, but the method of distributing fare inspectors as described in the Hoodline story seemed imprecise at best.

For now, a reminder that everyone must pay fare on Muni (yes, even you), and preferably in the right denomination.

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  • Carl

    More SF Muni inspectors/police are needed on many busy Muni routes! We love any way to fine and arrest all the people riding WITHOUT paying a fare! San Francisco is one of the very few cities that have so many criminals riding our tax paid buses for free. (and usually causing trouble, graffiti, trash, etc).

    More Tickes for people who don’t pay to ride! Thanks.

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