Woman tasers creeper on Muni

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Rider Katie Martin witnessed this jaw-dropping incident on Muni the other day. She took to Facebook with her story:

SOME WOMAN JUST TASERED THIS SACK OF HUMAN GARBAGE WHO WAS SEXUALLY HARASSING HER ON THE BUS AND I AM ROLLING!!! I literally laughed/cackled aloud. I’m worried for my soul. #thisisthebestday #myhero #notjusthello #pussygrabsback


Cold as ice, she just got up at her stop and stepped over his prone, twitching body and bounced. Several of us looked at each other like, “I dunno, should we help him?” And then collectively decided, “Nah” and returned to our phones.

Wow. Just…wow. A little internet research reveals that it is actually mostly legal to carry tasers in California. But if you don’t have one handy, a burrito makes a perfect weapon or comeback.

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Photo by @Torbakhopper

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