It’s hard for Muni to say sorry

muni train sorry by kate conger

…but it just wants you to know. Better late than never?

@kateconger snapped this simple atonement from Muni the other day. But you may be surprised (like, really surprised) to know this isn’t the first time the Metro surfaced with an unexpected apology — like this one from Muni rider Patrick:


Or this blurry polite contrition, via Muni rider Alice:

Though Muni, by our count, has been apologetic for everything at least three times, I think Muni riders write much better heartfelt apologies. Here’s one: “Sorry about the dog shit thing this morning” (“To everybody that was riding the 2 (or was it the 3?) bus inbound to the Financial District on Thursday, July 19 (around 8:30 a.m.). I sincerely apologize for potentially getting dog shit on you. It wasn’t my intention.”

Or how about “Dad: Sorry my son puked on you on Muni” (“Fellow J riders: I’m so sorry. My 4-year old son projectile vomited on some of you at about 8:30 on February 3.”).

What other confessions did you hear or see on Muni today? We’re all ears.

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