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At Muni Diaries HQ, we like to say that Muni is our collective living room because it is such a constant part of our every day. Though some things are better done in your actual living room, not everyone got the memo. Rider Dave sent us a story of one such example involving a useful hand mirror.

From Dave:

The Scene: the 14 just past 16th/Mission headed downtown.

A little old lady gets on the bus and sits down next to me. I am minding my own business reading a book on my phone. Every now and then I notice a slight flash to my left. I glance over and see she’s holding a small hand-mirror. I figure she’s putting on her make-up or something,… whatever.

The flashing keeps happing and I look over again and saw that she’d hiked up her dress, wasn’t wearing any underwear and the flashing (so to speak) was her periodically using the mirror to examine her private bits. I felt simultaneously like my breakfast was going to come up, and so relieved that my life is not nearly as messed up as what I was witnessing.

I figure the rest of my day will probably pretty tame, no matter what.

In her defense, haven’t you sometimes really needed to know if you have spinach stuck between your teeth, whether that awful zip popped, or whatever? Resist the urge, everyone. It can most likely wait!

Photo by our own Tara Ramroop.

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