Portraits of Muni and BART riders in space

We’ve all had those “anywhere but here” moments of fantasy on Muni. But artist Kevin Lewis took his commute one giant leap beyond merely a daydream. He recently finished illustrating and writing a sci-fi graphic novel/adult picture book (tentatively titled “BARTians”), featuring 70 drawings of his fellow Muni and BART passengers. Instead of portraying them staring at their phones, Kevin transformed these passengers into doing so much more, literally above and beyond planet San Francisco.

You’d think she was riding BART, but through Kevin’s creative eyes, this young lady is actually on her way to a coronation to continue (or upend) her mother’s legacy.

The sci-fi aesthetic can be a surprisingly accurate way to depict your feelings about the passenger standing a little too close. Do you think alien squids understand side eyes?

Eighteen of Kevin’s pictures were featured in the Pride month Queerky exhibit at State Senator Scott Weiner’s office in the State of California building. Kevin, who lives in Glen Park and has relied exclusively on public transit since moving here in 1994, says that he had been inspired by BART and Muni riders. You can find him on Instagram as @kevmudgeon to see all of his work.

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