Meaghan Mitchell on trauma at a 22-Fillmore stop and the long road to forgiveness

We’re back on the storytelling tip with San Francisco native and San Francisco Standard journalist Meaghan Mitchell—first at Muni Diaries Live in April, and now on the podcast. Meaghan shared a life-changing experience from her youth at a 22-Fillmore stop that touches on summer love, physical trauma, her identity as a Black woman, and more.

We’ve long been proud of the fact that Muni Diaries stories range from sweet and quirky, to weird and funny, to powerful and deeply personal. This is no exception, as we were invited to lean into the vulnerable and, at times, uncomfortable story with Meaghan as she shared with us that night.

tw: violence against women

Listen to her story:

You can also watch the story below:

Meaghan had our tear ducts working a few years ago, when she told a different story at Muni Diaries Live about an especially rough day at school, playing hooky as a result, and the way Muni featured prominently—and personally—into the experience.

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Photo by Amanda Roosa. Video by Maya Curry.

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  • Floyd Martinez

    Hi Meaghan,

    I just listened to your assault on Muni Diaries Podcast.

    I’m really sorry that happened to you. What a horrific and traumatic event to experience.

    I’m happy that you’ve moved forward and that you were able to share your experience with others.

    I experienced (directly and indirectly) racists and a homophobic slur and being spit at by the same individual on the 38 Geary in the past 7 months (late 2022 and early 2023) on two different occasions.

    The Egg Thrower (Joseph Benjamin). He’s made the news for assaulting (spitting on) a Muni bus driver and a writer from New York. She had eggs thrown at her.

    I informed the SFDA about what I experienced on the #38 about three months ago. Long story for this space. He took out a screwdriver about 12″ long and was pointing it at and threating/intimidating Asian seniors with it. We made eye contact. I had mace. I didn’t know what the hell to do. Long story.

    When I go to work the first person I look for @ Jones & Geary is that individual. I will not board the bus when he gets on or if he’s at the bus stop. He’s supposedly banned from the #38 and another bus line. I haven’t seen him for about a month or two now.

    I wish you the best. Take care and be safe.

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