Transit news: Pedestrian-friendly L, tech shuttle hub, new BART escalator etiquette

fast pass by richard tamayo

What’s going on in the transit world? Here’s this week’s news from some of our favorite sites:

  • New proposal unveiled for pedestrian-friendly changes to L-Taraval (Hoodline)
  • SFist extrapolates what Facebook, Google, and Apple employees think of tech shuttle hubs (SFist)
  • Will public transit apps create customers or citizens? (Slate)
  • BART Considers New Approach To Escalator Etiquette For Speedier Exit (CBS Local)

This photo of colorful Fast Passes is from @richardtamayo.

BART Escalators: Broken and Filled With Trash


Used to be we were okay with BART escalators being covered in pee and poo. Then, funny thing happened: We found out that that was the case. BART found out we found out, and decided to do something about it. Sort of.

What has ensued is what feels like centuries (literally!) of broken BART escalators all over the Bay Area.

BART rider and friend of Muni Diaries @TheRealWBTC noticed recently that at least one out-of-service escalator at Powell Street Station has, um, started to fill up with a different kind of waste (above, from below, and above from below).


My question for BART: What exactly is going on here?

Transit News: Muni attack plea, BART/Amtrak transfer, BART escalators, Muni-nymphomaniac musical (yes, really)


  • Man charged in attack on transgendered woman on Muni pleads not guilty (SF Examiner)
  • Former BART director sees Oakland BART/Amtrak transfer opportunity (CoCo Times)
  • Out of Order: BART Admits its Escalators Are Crappy — But Not Full of Crap (SF Weekly)
  • Richmond BART station to get $2.7 million in safety and other improvements (
  • Story Of Woman Who Developed Nymphomania After Muni Accident Becomes Local Musical (KRON)
  • How the lack of late-night BART service affects Bay Area real estate (SF Business Times)

Photo by Shawn Clover

Transit News: BART crime, BART extension, BART Wi-Fi, BART escalators

Photo by TJ Gehling

  • BART stations at both extremes of crime rates (SFGate)
  • Why Did The Wording Change On The New Muni Lane? (Hoodline)
  • What We Need to Get Right on VTA’s BART Extension to Silicon Valley (SPUR)
  • SFMTA Board Member Jerry Lee Passes Away (SF Appeal)
  • BART cuts Wi-Fi service, prompting threats of legal action (SFGate)
  • BART to shield filthy escalators with $12 million investment (SF Examiner)

Transit News: BART escalators, BART strike, lack of Muni bathrooms, summer Muni

Photo by blarfiejandro

  • BART designing prototype escalator canopy to protect customers, employees and machinery (
  • BART Station Agent Pleads Not Guilty To False Police Report Charges (SF Appeal)
  • No BART contract talks until Friday (KTVU)
  • Cost of bathrooms for Muni operators raises concerns (SF Examiner)
  • Will San Francisco Ever See Serious Enforcement of Bus-Only Lanes? (Streetsblog SF)
  • SFTRU Speaks Out Against Muni Service Cuts During Summer Break (Streetsblog SF)
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