Man with service dog allegedly booted from cable car


Last Saturday, a man riding a cable car in San Francisco with his service dog was asked to get off. When he refused, pointing out that his pit bull Rosie was a service animal and thus allowed to be aboard the cable car, SFPD were called in.

Attorney Gina Tomaselli, who is not representing the man, shot this Facebook video of the incident once the police officer arrived.

The SF Examiner has the story:

Tad Tadesse and his service dog Rosie, a pit bull, skyrocketed to local fame after a video purportedly showing a Muni supervisor and San Francisco Police Department officer trying to remove the pair from a cable car surfaced Sunday.

But Tadesse and Rosie have been ousted from Muni vehicles more than 20 times, the dog owner told the San Francisco Examiner on Monday.

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Image from video shot by Gina Tomaselli

Muni rider stabbed aboard the 7-Haight/Noriega


A woman was stabbed on a Muni bus early this week. Reddit user RenosMostWanted has a first-hand account, and took the horrifying photo you see above:

middle aged guy gets on board Muni, he doesn’t look homeless, but clearly on something or crazy. He is standing and then siting and then standing again. He is looking around like he’s nervous or on drugs. When the bus get to the stop (Civic Center I believe) he gets up quickly to go to the front of the bus, punches a little old Asian lady in the head and then stabs the guy pictured with what appears to be an exacto knife before bolting out the front door. Stabbed guy didn’t even realize he’d been stabbed until the entire bus gasped in horror when he turned around to look out the front window.

Hoodline has more from a tipster:

Police response time was impressive. Under a minute from what I can tell. Some people were crazy self-obsessed. Were taking pictures of the inserted knife on Snapchat. Insane.

We’re glad everyone seems to be okay. Scary stuff, folks.

BART’s new fleet sees the light of day

If you blinked, you might’ve missed it—last weekend BART slowly rolled out (get it?) a test model of its new fleet of trains for some of us to “oooh” and “ahhhh” over. SFGate has details on upcoming tests if you didn’t catch this one:

Overnight testing for the train should start in the next two weeks, said Paul Oversier, assistant general manager for BART, with daytime runs starting in December and tests with passengers starting in early 2017.

According to that same SFGate post, some people who did get to ride lodged some complaints:

Regular BART commuters from Pleasant Hill and elsewhere into the East Bay bemoaned the lack of seats available on the new cars. Already, the current cars with four more seats are overcrowded, they said, and standing for an hour commute isn’t exactly comfortable.

Changes from the current fleet include: more standing room, higher ceilings, a more-efficient AC system, three boarding doors per car (versus the current two), and better ways to secure bicycles. BART’s plan is to have 775 new cars by 2021 to try to keep up with an ever-expanding ridership.

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What if a diary were told on Muni?

That’s exactly what happened recently in New York City.

In the video above, NYC subway rider Crispin Michael Booker is heard telling fellow passengers about a recent, uplifting change in his life. He is then seen asking a specific rider to share his story. Here’s what Crispin has to say:

Tonight I was able to Subway many nights we get on the train with the weight of the world is on our shoulders after a long day. I got to share my luke cage truth lol and a random guy got to share his story #lukecagebrag #subwaybrag #changingthisworldwithlove #veronicasway

Brag away, sir. More of this, please!

Hear our best Muni stories live on stage! Muni Diaries Live is back on Nov. 5 at the Elbo Room. Tickets on sale now!

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