Do you chat with strangers on Muni?


This strikes me as one of those “some do, most don’t” type of things.

The title of this post is a question based on this story of a young bloke who tried to get people talking to one another on the London Underground. The probably noble effort, however, didn’t go as planned:

Jonathan Dunne, who is originally from the US, says it was “difficult” to even get commuters to take one of the free pins.
“I think I could have been handing out £5 notes and the same amount of people would have taken them,” he tells Newsbeat.

The BBC’s Newsbeat has the story.

Free pin or not: Is random, spontaneous chatting on Muni or BART something you would do?

Pic courtesy BBC

A map for all Bay Area transit


Maps are the best, especially when us regular folks take map-making into our own hands.

Latest example: Jug Cerovic sent us the map you see above. Jug writes:

All rail options are shown + ferries and cross bay buses. Muni

is there of course. The map is schematic but close enough to geography so that you can get a feeling of scale and distances.

Check out Jug’s site for more info on how the map was made.

This map is so thorough, right? I’m sure some of you will find discrepancies or have suggested edits. If so, have at it.

Otherwise, join me in admiring Jug’s handiwork. Bravo!

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The Giants are clearly Muni’s favorite baseball team


This is the stuff transit geeks and baseball geeks live for: The ability to wear your nerd colors, to fly your dork flag, as it were.

Friend of Muni Diaries Ed clued us in on this one, from Cotton Bureau:

Glove, check. $2.25 for Muni, check. Head-to-toe in orange and black, check. Tickets to the game, check. Muni packed with other Giants fans, check. Let’s do this!

Looks like there might be just one shirt left, so act fast!

Just heard from Cotton Bureau:

lots more than one shirt left – we’ll print as many as get ordered! 😊

Tonight’s game could very well be the last for the 2016 San Francisco Giants. While there are heathens out there for whom this does not matter at all, for the rest of us, well, it. is. so. on.

Giant balloon takes Muni to the party

What if someone just walked up and popped this?

A photo posted by Beth Spotswood (@bethspotswood) on

Bubble wrap. Skinny roads on mountain tops. Balloons. Some situations in life strike intense, nearly inexplicable urges in some of us.

Case in point: This Muni rider, clearly giving zero fucks, transported a rather large balloon on the bus last week. Lucky for them, friend of Muni Diaries Beth resisted that urge of urges. We hope that wherever this balloon was headed received it enthusiastically.

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