Muni bus ‘on the wrong track’


Oops, they did it again …

Typically, it’s cars that end up on Muni Metro tracks, eliciting a nails-on-a-chalkboard reaction … in me, anyway. What?

This time, as Streetsblog SF reports, a Muni bus made the boo boo. To be fair, it was hella raining Sunday morning. Which means what, I am not sure.

It’s unclear how the bus ended up on the tracks. Paul Rose, a spokesman for SFMTA, only said that, “The operator of the bus drove on the tracks at that location. We had to get a tow truck to remove it. Shuttles provided service through the area to West Portal.”

Check out Streetsblog for more on this unfortunate event.

Photo by Daniel Pinko via Streetsblog SF

[VIDEO] BART passenger hopes Assyrian speaker on train gets deported

If this week (year?) has taught us anything, it’s that there is fear all around us, even in our little Bay Area-shaped bubble.

We originally heard about the video from Emily T. Green (@emilytgreen) on Twitter, whose friend Ivet Lolham posted this video on her Facebook page.

I was on the BART going home after a long day and this lady right here heard me talk Assyrian on the phone. You can see what happened next…

Here’s my best attempt at transcribing what the seated woman is saying in the video:

“This woman is a stalker from the Middle East. She’s a Middle Eastern terrorist, and she’s terrorizing citizens like me. And she will probably get deported. And this bastard (points to someone off-camera behind her) … oh, you shut the fuck up. You’re all stalkers. Don’t lie.

(woman taping says, “This is gonna go on Facebook”).

“I don’t give a fuck. Nobody’s gonna watch it. What I would like to say right now is, this crazy person is stalking people, with all these other stalkers. And anybody watching on Facebook knows the ugly, dirty thing you do every year playing the dead pool game (says something indecipherable) and you’re standing here harassing me and I think you’re an ugly little pig who might get deported and I pray that you do.”

We’re in touch with Emily, a Chronicle reporter, and Ivet to find out more about what happened. We’ll update this post as needed.

Be careful out there, everybody.

How San Francisco’s transit ballot measures fared in this election


Here’s how the transit ballot measures and BART Board of Director’s races fared (data according to SFGate):

  • Prop J (PDF), which would set aside funding (generated via the proposed sales tax increase in Prop K) for homelessness and transportation: passed
  • Prop K (PDF), which was a sales tax increase of $0.0075 to cover Prop J’s set aside: failed
  • Prop L (PDF), which would have shifted three of seven MTA Board appointments from the Mayor to the Board of Supervisors: failed
  • Prop RR, which was a $3.5 billion bond to repair and upgrade BART: passed
  • BART Board District 7: Lateefah Simon
  • BART Board District 9: Bevan Dufty

For more info, check out our Election Guide.

Photo by moppett65535 on Flickr

BART rejects ‘pussy-grabbing’ ad, sums up the state of the world today


It’s come to this, you guys.

BART has effectively edited an ad from a women’s underwear brand in ways that might not shock you (assuming that you, unlike me, are still able to be shocked). SFGate has the story.

The ads feature inverted photographs of models wearing the underwear above the Thinx logo. BART was OK with “anxiety-proof underwear” and “patriarchy-proof underwear,” and didn’t bat an eye at the trans models in two ads.

But BART could not abide the phrase “pussy-grabbing,” and rejected that ad as violating the agency’s policies. Spokeswoman Alicia Trost said in a statement that the display “contains words recognized by the community as vulgar, indecent or profane for display in a public setting that includes minors.”

After months (years?) of wanting this cockamamie election to be over, I am now savoring this great story and kinda don’t want the insanity to end.

If you want to check out the Thinx website, I wouldn’t want to deter or dissuade you from doing that. Not by any means.

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