Charmed on the 17-Park Merced

Photo by kathleenma

100 Muni StoriesYou know when you see something cute, and it makes you wanna do funny things? It happened to @elissaANNtorres on Muni.

Cute dogs do it to me, though I doubt seriously I could get a dog to play patty cake with me.

Muni Book-Spotting Gem: The Princess Bride

Photo by blarfiejandro

100 Muni StoriesRemember books? We do. So do a lot of people who ride Muni all around San Francisco. @azurelunatic spotted one recently reading a particular book that caught her eye.

‪#sfmuni‬ Just spotted someone reading The Princess Bride. Yay!

What books have you seen people reading on Muni? Let us know, and also check out Between the Lines, a site devoted to this very topic.

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