I Know What You’re Reading

Photo by Heather
100 Muni Stories

Think you’re being clever with your less-than-high-brow novel? @genaweave is on to you.

Woman on #sfmuni is reading her book upside down. There is a 95% chance that she’s secretly reading#50shadesofgray. – @genaweave

Oh snap.

Side story: When I saw 50 Shades of Grey at Green Apple Books, at first I thought it was a book about being black in America. Another friend thought it was a book about aging gracefully. How wrong we were.

Certified Organic Snackery on Muni

Photo: moppet65535

100 Muni Stories

Muni snacks are often a mixed bag, literally and figuratively. Above, we’ve got just about everything but the bag: potato chips, Skittles, sardines, and cheese dip. Sometimes, you even eat something out of your shoe. (OK, so maybe it’s only that guy.)

One rider kicked it up a notch, though:

As the philosopher Drake said, “Oh, you fancy, huh?”

We’ve got your best (and simultaneously the worst) of eating on Muni right here.

Muni Jams to the Tune of Boyz II Men

Photo: greenkozi

100 Muni StoriesIn which a Muni bus turns into every single one of my middle-school dances:

I love the Muni singalong for its complete absurdity and ability to create bonds between annoyed passengers. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, either: a couple years ago, F-Market/Wharves riders channeled Lady Gaga with “Poker Face.”

I’m almost certain there’ve been Journey singalongs — among others — that’ve gone undocumented, so spin us a Muni yarn today.

Beginner’s (Bad) Luck on Muni

Photo by torbakhopper

100 Muni StoriesIt can happen anywhere, in any number of ways. Forgot to zip your fly, big piece of black pepper in your teeth, toilet paper stuck to the seat of your pants … Or, in @Peter_Hartikka‘s case:

We hope you’re doing better, Peter!

“Hi, sandwich. How are you?”

Photo: Mike Willis

100 Muni StoriesYou’re technically not supposed to eat or drink on Muni, but you’re technically not supposed to do a lot of things on Muni that happen anyway. We’ve had lots of stories of rogue bus eating — fact: eating Skittles eating soup — some of the most quintessential Muni moments. To whit:

I think I speak for all of us when I ask, “What kind of sandwich?” and say, “Of course she was.” We love public transit, too.

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