Taking Your Clipper Card and All Your Song Dedications

Photo by torbakhopper

100 Muni StoriesSometimes you gotta whistle a tune to make the day go by. To wit, rider @KristinCanWrite heard on it the bus:

First, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” “Now, The Lion Sleeps Tonight…” I wonder if my whistling bus driver takes requests.

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When the Lights … Go Out … in Muni

Photo by juicyrai

100 Muni StoriesI remember the first time the lights went out for me. It was on an NYC subway, and I was pretty sure mayhem would follow. But my experience, and every time it’s happened since, was a lot like @sosaysjonathan‘s.

Yep. Strange, but nice.

*Sorry about that title up there. Couldn’t help myself. Heh.

Curiosity Aroused on the 71-Haight/Noriega

Photo by WarzauWynn

100 Muni StoriesWe take these things for granted in San Francisco. But there aren’t too many other places in the world where @trivia_tidbit‘s tweet would make total sense.

And it probably really didn’t even matter. Which it shouldn’t.

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