Transit-News Digest

Welcome to the first of what we (who have day jobs) hope will be a semi-regular feature on Muni Diaries: The Transit-News Digest. The aim is to compile these lists every few days or so. Yes, some of these stories have been commented on already on the site, but for what it’s worth …

And as always, let us know if you have news we missed!

Construction affecting 31BX, 38, 43, Jan. 26-Feb. 16, 2009

Riders will pay for BART budget deficit

Regarded criminal attorney to defend ex-BART cop

Fare evaders beware — no cuts planned to Muni inspectors

Muni pares back service on new CultureBus line

Music’s over for Muni station’s future as jazz club

S.F. Insider: Commuter benefits law in effect

BART fight! BART fight!

So you think Muni riders have bad manners? Looks like BART can very much hold its own in the bad behaviors category. I came across a blog post that made me laugh:

The fight began, as all things worth fighting over do, with a heated discussion over WHO REACHED THE LAST AVAILABLE SEAT FIRST. The aggressor, a man who looked as though he worked in an auto shop, began by pushing and yelling at the unfortunate businessman who had chosen to cross him, “What the fuck!? What do you think you’re doing, man?” The businessman, who was equally incensed over the situation, screamed repeatedly, “You’re crazy! You’re crazy! I’m calling 911 on ou!” The lame verbal argument degenerated into a physical fight, complete with both men windmilling their arms and slapping at each other in the manner of two teenage girls.

Read the rest of Bart Adventures: Grown Men Slapping Each Other.

Oh how I love a good, awkward fight between male urbanites … kind of reminds me of that scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary where Mark Darcy punches Daniel Cleaver in the face and the two clumsily wrestle each other, tumbling into that Greek (?) restaurant.

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