Twins out and about via Muni


Rick shares some photos his children’s caretaker shot of his twins riding Muni.

[One is] shot of them on their way to Dolores Park on the J looking like Buzz Lightyear and Mae West.


[Here] they were on their way on the 44 from Glen Park to the Academy of Sciences.

Both shots were taken by our caregiver, Sydney Shannon on her iPhone. The three of them take lots of trips out to lots of places on Muni and BART.

They are happy transit kids.

We approve. Thanks, Rick!

MissionMission’s Ariel Tells All: First Kiss, on Muni

When Ariel Dovas casually mentioned that he had a Muni story he might like to tell on stage, I was already excited enough to have almost spilled my drink. But he followed it up by asking, “Well, is it ok if the story is kind of personal? Like, the bad kind of personal? The kind that really goes deep into that awful awkwardness about being a teenager?”

Ariel, you have no idea.

In this video, Ariel opens Muni Diaries Live’s third anniversary show with his very personal and very awesome story that happened his freshman year in high school.

“I never had a girlfriend before; I never kissed a girl before, but somehow I found out that this really pretty girl, this really cool girl who was a flutist, liked me. Like, like me liked me. I was just overwhelmed but somehow we ended up going out…I mean, going together. It wasn’t “going out” yet. I didn’t really know what to do. I mean, I’d never had a girlfriend before. But I knew some of the first steps that I had to do. So I got rid of all my friends, and spent all my lunches with her; I didn’t talk to anybody else, we held hands, and said I love you a lot. And I was like, this is a lot easier than I thought!”

Oh, but teenage love is never that easy. Watch the video for the rest of Ariel’s story.

Criminal flatulence on the 1-California

Photo by davitydave

Here’s Muni rider Rachel’s contribution to Cute Week on Muni Diaries:

A typical packed 1-California on a Saturday … I’m standing in the aisle, turned toward a woman with her daughter sitting in her lap and her son sitting next to her. Both kids look to be 4 or 5 years old.

The mom and son are practicing the street names (“What comes after Larkin?”), when the mother suddenly looks at the girl and says, “Who stinks? Is that you who stinks?”

The little boy, squirming in his seat, says, “It was me!” His mom laughs, but tells him sternly, “Well, you need to say excuse me to all the people when you do that.” He says, “Excuse me,” and then, with a worried look on his face asks, “Will they throw me in jail?”

See? Farts can be cute.

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