Heroes, Idiots, and a Rice-a-Roni Sing-Along. It’s Muni Diaries Live!

Muni Diaries Live 9 Lucky Jesus 2
Photo by Elton Sin

Where else would you erupt into an impromptu Rice-a-Roni sing-along? At Muni Diaries Live, of course! This time we packed in a queercore band, a great lineup of storytellers, plus a rematch of the Muni Haiku Battle. Here’s how it all went down.

Queercore band Lucky Jesus jump-started the show with a cover of Berlin’s “The Metro,” rewritten to fit San Francisco’s own crazy transit.

Muni Diaries Live 9 Lucky Jesus
Photo by Elton Sin

Additional photos of Lucky Jesus by Tara Lohan can be found here.

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Turn the Lights Down Low at Muni Diaries Live

All Photos by April Malvino

Put on some of that soft mood music and turn down the lights, it’s business time at Muni Diaries Live.

If you weren’t at the show Saturday night, you missed one of the hottest evenings we’ve had to date. We heard stories about making love and finding love on the bus; learned anatomical details about strangers we have never met; and all the other strange but wonderful things that can happen on public transit. Read more

Recap: Muni Diaries Live, Full House!

caitlin gill muni diaries live
Photo by Kevin Wong

You packed the Elbo Room on Saturday night to hear some live, true Muni tales, and our storytellers did not disappoint. There were many priceless moments (like this hilarious shot of funnywoman Caitlin Gill). Let’s recount them.

All of these awesome Muni Diaries Live photos here are by Kevin Wong. Read more

What You Missed at the Muni Diaries Reunion Show

Photo by Amber Wolf of Wiz Bang Photography

We picked the hottest day in San Francisco to host the hottest reunion show ever, and we were so glad that so many of you turned out to pack the Elbo Room! Our favorite past performers came back on stage to tell tales out of school, and some brave newbies joined us to share their Muni stories too. To beat the heat, Google Places was on hand to supply the first round. Let’s check out this happy reunion.

Our special guest Anna Conda kicked off the show by reading the winning review on Google Places by PuckPuck (above). PuckPuck’s review was hilarious, even better read by the glamorous Anna! PuckPuck also received a $100 gift certificate to Hog and Rocks. Read more

Muni Diaries Live 5 Recap: We turned 3!

Photo by Amber Wolf of Wiz Bang Photography

Muni Diaries celebrated our third birthday on Friday with another Muni Diaries Live show. If you were at the packed Make-Out Room on Friday, you know that the audience and our performers threw down for a good time. So what happens when you put five top-notch performers on stage and mix that with a crowd who chants, “Back Door”? Let’s see… Read more

Important Lessons from Muni Diaries Live 4

Photo by Breanna Lambert of Scoutmob

More than 150 of you came out to share a night of good laughs, strong drinks, and general fun at our fourth spoken word party Friday night. We learned a few important things from our stellar storytellers.  If the rain kept you away from the fun on Friday night, let’s review:

  1. Never try to skateboard wearing cowboy boots.
  2. It takes approximately 12 people to lift a car off of the Muni tracks.
  3. Reading a low brow book on Muni can give a certain fellow passenger Lit Rage.
  4. Holding onto the handrails with both hands on Muni can have unintended consequences.
  5. Muni Interruptus can ruin your dating life.

What else happened on Friday night at Muni Diaries Live? Let’s see… Read more

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