Important Lessons from Muni Diaries Live 4

Photo by Breanna Lambert of Scoutmob

More than 150 of you came out to share a night of good laughs, strong drinks, and general fun at our fourth spoken word party Friday night. We learned a few important things from our stellar storytellers.  If the rain kept you away from the fun on Friday night, let’s review:

  1. Never try to skateboard wearing cowboy boots.
  2. It takes approximately 12 people to lift a car off of the Muni tracks.
  3. Reading a low brow book on Muni can give a certain fellow passenger Lit Rage.
  4. Holding onto the handrails with both hands on Muni can have unintended consequences.
  5. Muni Interruptus can ruin your dating life.

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Hella Hot Again at Muni Diaries Live

Photo by Flickr user Chipmonkey

More than 100 of you spent Friday night with us, doubling over laughing at BART driver Kelly Beardsley’s impersonation of a hapless German tourist and singing along to McPuzo and Trotsky’s 38 Geary song. For those of you who didn’t make it to the hot Make-Out Room that night (or couldn’t make it in due to capacity reasons – our apologies), let me give you a little taste of the ridiculously fun night.

Our favorite burlesque cheerleading squad, The Cock-Ts, kicked off our third spoken word party at the Make-Out Room with Muni cheers written especially for us. Their misguided counselor, Coach Chester, had a few faux-‘stache malfunctions, but that didn’t faze varsity cheerleaders EZ-Martini, Dizzy Disaster, and Lil Biscuit.

Photo by Flickr user Chipmonkey

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Recap! Muni Diaries Live! Under the Influence

BART train operator Kelly Beardsley shares a story about a particularly wacky night on the job. Photo by Troy Holden

Were you under the influence on Friday night somewhere other than the Make-Out Room? Man, you missed one big party, our second spoken-word event, Muni Diaries Live! Under the Influence! Much like our last show, we packed the Make-Out Room, heard some awesome stories and cheered Muni on with the incomparable Cock-T’s! And you won’t believe who showed up in a vintage transit costume. But you’ll have to read the rest to find out. Read more

In Case You Missed Friday’s Penis Puppet Show

Photo by Stuart Dixon

We are still on a high from Friday’s Riders with Drinks, where so many of you came out that the Make-Out Room had to call for backup bartenders! We are speechless about the great energy from our performers and audience. We’ve got more Muni stories in the bag, but before we move on with the week, here is a little recap of the hot, hilarious, and awesome night at Riders with Drinks.

If you were there on Friday, you know that we closed the show with some homemade sock puppet re-enactment of the “Penis in public” story. Pictures of the puppets and other hilarity after the jump.
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