Dude rides Muni like it’s 1988

Oh my shit, it's 1988. #MUNIencounters #SF #totallyfuckingnormal #DJnoclue

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Says videographer Lindsay on Instagram:

“Oh my shit, it’s 1988.”

Some things—Bush, Sr.’s “read my lips” speech chief among them—are best left in 1988. Other things—A Fish Called Wanda, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and rapping along with one’s boom box on public transit—are absolutely not.

I especially enjoy how the boom-box toting Muni Metro rapper is, maybe intentionally, rapping at the guy on the iPad ignoring him.

Let’s play Name That Tune. Go!

Impromptu Concert at the Muni Stop

muni stop concert by faern
Photo by faern

Muni rider faern sent in this perfect little slice of San Francisco city life at the Church and Duboce Muni stop. She says:

A trombone. A guitar. Two skateboarders. A hippie on a bike doing circles. People in suits waiting for the train and a whole lotta annoyed bicyclists #life at #thebusstop #muni

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Masked ‘bandits’ tag Muni bus

Images by anawakas

Graffiti is kinda like cilantro: People feel strongly one way or the other about it. Say what you will, this GIF of some dudes tagging the outside of a Muni bus is neat. The GIF, I mean. Thanks, Internet.

If that doesn’t do it for you, how about these street-art-style renderings of Muni itself?

Via Muni rider Danya

Via Muni rider Danya


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