Giants win the World Series, people break Muni windows

Photo by Sam Wolson/Special to The Chronicle

We warned/begged you!

The Giants won the World Series, and guess what happened afterward? People climbed on top of Muni and broke a couple of windows, naturally. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Last night, SFMTA suspended bus services “due to safety concerns,” though Muni Metro service on the surface streets and underground was still operational.

Here’s one more of a busted-up Muni bus:

Photo by Tim Hussin/Special to The Chronicle

And here are more scenes on Muni from last night, thanks to our friends on Twitter:

giants fans on muni by jennyzhu
Photo by @jennyzhu

giants muni shelter matthew roth
Photo by Matthew Roth

celebration from bus by faern
Photo by @faernworks

giants on muni by jhaiye
Photo by @jhaiye

muni police service by ekai
Photo by @ekai

Got stories from last night’s celebration? Send them our way please!

Please don’t break Muni if the Giants win the World Series

Please? Also: Please don’t break Muni if the Giants lose tonight. Or tomorrow. Photo by Mike Hendrickson

Above: Someone in 2012 got a little too happy about the Giants winning the World Series that year. That might happen again tonight. The Giants winning the World Series, that is.

If that happens, tonight or tomorrow, please don’t break Muni. Thank you.

1958 Giants fans take Muni to Seals Stadium

sfmta 22 muni giants game
Photo via @sfmtaphoto

Whether you’re lucky enough to be at the World Series game today, you might appreciate this piece of history from SFMTA’s Photography Archive. This photo of the 22-Fillmore loading and unloading passengers was taken at Seals Stadium on April 29, 1958, the very first year that the Giants called SF home. The passengers were on their way to see the Giants vs. Phillies.

Seals Stadium was on 16th at Bryant, and this photo was taken just about a year before the stadium was demolished in 1959 when Candlestick Park was completed. The old site of Seals Stadium is now the Safeway shopping plaza.

Okay, history lesson over. Time to don your orange and black! Go, Giants!

I was on the 54-Felton during the 1989 earthquake

jenifer wofford muni illustration
Illustration by Jenifer Wofford

Do you remember where you were when the big one hit in 1989? Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake, and Jenifer Wofford
of Earthquake Weather has been gathering stories about the quake. Stories on her site are accompanied by her wonderful illustrations such as the one above. San Franciscan Gabe Wachob happened to be riding the 54-Felton that fateful evening. Here’s his story.

On the evening of Oct 17, 1989, I was a 16 year old senior at Lick-Wilmerding High School. When the earthquake hit, I was on the 54 Felton on my way home after a late day at school (why I was going home at 5, I don’t remember). It was a normal day, except abnormally hot as we all know, except about 2 minutes after we crossed Mission (on Persia), while at a stop, someone started trying to tip the old bus over. Or so we thought. It was a strange experience – those old diesel buses were not exactly lightweight… When I looked up (during the shaking) I saw “standing waves” in the electricity lines above. I knew it was an earthquake.

The bus continued on the route – I don’t think we knew the magnitude of what had happened. It was clear, as we continued on, that it was a serious event, however. Driving through a part of town with 2 story stucco-d houses with garages on the first floor, we could see big cracks in the stucco around almost every garage.
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Check out these amazing photos of Muni ruins

todd lappin transit ruins 2

Todd Lappin of Bernalwood photographed an amazing series of transit ruins at Muni’s Marin Division Yard. These defunct streetcars are either waiting for restoration or to be taken apart piecemeal to restore other vehicles active in the fleet, Todd writes in his Medium story. The images are spooky and stunning, and you should definitely venture over to his photo story to see more.

todd lappin transit ruins 1

t/t: the ever-wonderful CurbedSF.

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