Crow-M-G!!! Bird flies into Muni bus


Update/correction: Cynthia has let us know that the bird seen above is a raven, not a crow. The headline stands, though, because I said it does.

She wrote about her experience with the bird on Muni over on Have a read!

Original post: Via the Twitters, Muni rider Cynthia had a rather unexpected fellow passenger over the weekend:

“TFW a crow flies into your bus and becomes your new best friend.”

All I can think is, What would I do/think if a crow wanted to friend me? Would it mean I was at death’s door and the bird was just biding time until he could devour my entrails? More like, WHAT ELSE COULD IT POSSIBLY MEAN?

We can’t deny that there are Pokemon on Muni anymore

pokemon go muni allisonrenee_art

You’re officially an old if you’ve uttered or thought any of these sentences below in the last couple of days:

  • “Is a Pikachu a Pokemon?”
  • “What is a Pokemon?”
  • “From what I understand, the Pokemon game is a virtual reality app.”
  • “I thought Pokemon was a cartoon.”
  • “What do you get if you find a Pokemon?”

Still, I can’t deny the simple fact that there are indeed Pokemon to be found on Muni, as @allisonrenee_art pointed out. Here’s another one via @aeridea

pokemon on muni via aeridea

So there you have it. And if you’re worried about your personal safety while catching Pokemon, here is a great business idea that will help you in your quest!

Found: A very special manspreader

manspreading muni diaries jack lakeshore

Attention, everyone: We’ve found the most special man in San Francisco! You know how we know? Look at him here on Muni: his very special, large but delicate balls need — no, we should say deserve — their own space while he reads his very special book, probably pondering especially important thoughts that only he can conjure, because he is such a special unique snowflake. How dare you suggest that he should scoot over for someone else to sit down while he is doing such important work? His universe has no time for such pedestrian ideas like kindness and courtesy, so leave this special man be!

We found this latest manspreading offender courtesy of Muni rider Jack Lakeshore on the Muni Diaries Facebook page. If you find any other special people on Muni like this guy or this equal-opportunity womanspreader, holler at us #munidiaries.

Muni union: Stop spitting on us (literally)


If there ever were a story for the WTF category here at Muni Diaries, this is it.

The Examiner reports that the Muni workers union is calling attention the issue.

“Enough!” wrote Transit Workers Union Local 250-A President Eric D. Williams in a May 26 email blast to operators and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, calling out a rise in assaults on Muni operators, including a rise in spit directed at operators.

Williams also called on operators to stop their vehicle immediately when they are assaulted, and to take it “out of service.” This runs contrary to operators’ practice now, he said, which has been to wait until the end of the line to deal with an incident.

The SFMTA confirmed Wednesday that assaults on Muni operators are on the rise, though agency officials said rarely if ever are operators instructed to finish their routes after they are assaulted.

Spitting on the sidewalk is bad enough, you guys. But even if you have a beef with a bus driver, there are, uh, more civilized ways to take out your frustrations.

Read the Examiner post here.

Photo by stefan klocek

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