Winnie-the-Pooh takes Muni to Ashdown Forest


Everything’s just ho-humming along. You caught the bus you wanted. You’re headed home or to meet friends, not a care in the world. Maybe you’re lost in a daydream. It is nice outside today …

Then, lo and freakin’ behold, you notice that Winnie the Pooh is riding your Muni bus. This must be your lucky day!

This is exactly what happened to Muni rider Meelee7 yesterday. More of this, please!

Other characters spotted on Bay Are transit over the years:

Seven Halloween costumes seen on Muni
May the Fourth be with you, on Muni and everywhere
Swine flu spotted on BART!

The creepiest Muni rider ever


Dunno about you, but this startled holy hell out of me when Eugenia sent it over. Just one of those images I cannot unburn from my brain.

And to think: We’ve still got 30 days until Halloween!

Via Muni rider Lila: File this one under: things you see on [sic] the muni

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May the Fourth be with you, on Muni and everywhere


What is that you say? Star Wars Day on a year in which a Star Wars movie will premiere? Why yes. Yes!

Let this post, a roundup of all the times Star Wars has intersected our Muni universe, serve as homage to the entire franchise.

(above) May the N-Judah be with you
Photo Diary: Staging Star Wars on Muni
Star Wars box on Muni
Chewbacca is concerned about your Muni etiquette
Boba Fett on Muni Metro
It’s a trap!

Photo via 7×7

BART dresses join rich collection of Bay Area wearable transit


It’s hard to imagine wanting anything BART touching your bare skin. But these dresses—one made with BART tickets, the other inspired by a station map—are amazing. (Spotted in the window of Piedmont Fabric in Oakland.)

This Bay Area transit-inspired fashion isn’t a one-off, either. Check out this rad Muni maps dress and this corgi dressed like a BART train.

These Clipper Card and Fast Pass Halloween costumes (who are those dorks, anyway?!) don’t involve nearly as much fashion-design know-how or, um, style, but we enjoy them all the same.

h/t Claire Little

Video Diary: London Bus Driver Story

Driving a bus is more than just getting people from point A to point B, and this London bus driver tells you why. Reader Florian sent us this video, which is actually an ad by Siemens for hybrid technology. But it’s one of those ads that makes you forget that you’re watching one.

We’ve heard lots of great driver stories from you, like a driver who stood up for your fare rights, the Muni driver who hands out lollipops, or a driver who decorates his bus for Halloween. Maybe they’d make a great video for SFMTA. I want royalties for this idea. Just saying.

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