Video: 16th Street BART Station Cellist Killing It

Does anyone know this cellist at the 16th Street BART station? I’ve seen him a handful of times and finally got a quick clip this weekend. I also love this quartet at Powell Street station. And for a different flavor, here’s Adrian rocking out at Powell station too.

Thanks, Mr. Cellist, for making our day!

NSFW Video: Naked BART Man Terrorizing Passengers (update)

Update (June 12, 7:51 a.m.): SFGate reports that the naked man is a professional acrobat who might have recently had a stroke.

Original post: You might recall the scary naked man who hopped around the 16th Street BART station last month doing all kinds of yoga poses. When it came to light that he was also attacking (really terrorizing) female commuters at the station, things weren’t so funny any more. SFist and SFWeekly got hold of a video of the attack. Read more

Mind the Bikes on BART, Boy!

Integrated transport excitement - you can take bikes on the BART!
Photo by Flickr user Pete Boyd

BART rider Chris sends word of a major sting operation on BART. That’s right, bike scofflaws, beware:

This morning, at 16th and Mission, a station agent was posted up at the fare gates asking every person attempting to enter with their bicycle which direction they were going. If they said East Bay or Downtown, then they were reminded that bikes were not allowed on BART. Some people were visibly annoyed… but no one seemed to not know about the rules… mostly people were asking the agent why this rule was starting to be enforced.

BART’s bicycle rules are here, for the record.

Anyone else seen these dragnet officers in action? Anyone got any strong feelings on the matter? Let us know in comments.

BART ‘deal’

i don't like cocaine, i just like how it smells.
Photo by Flickr user wentzxxpete

From BART rider Amy:

I’m pretty sure I witnessed a drug deal on BART the other morning. This guy was measuring out some white powder sitting in his seat on BART and held up a baggie for this other guy that appeared to have pot in it. I considered it all very weird as BART cars have cameras in them.

No photo, unfortunately. It was around 9:40 or so. Late for work, per usual. The guy who appeared to be the buyer was wearing a puffy yellow sports jacket. I remember because I saw him walking into the 16th Street BART and thought, “what a ridiculous yellow puffy jacket.” He was sitting in one seat turned around backward talking to the other guy with the drugs who was in the seat behind him.

What have you seen on BART lately? Tell us: