“Vigilante” Muni Rider Speaks

Image by @rotron

Ed. note: Sorry for all the confusion with this story. There were confusing things happening. Read on.

Remember vigilante Muni justice from a couple days ago? @rotron described how a Muni rider took matters into his own hands, telling a Facebook shuttle to back up off our Muni stop. Turns out that @larrybobsf was that Muni rider, and he explained himself his confrontation last August in a comment on Muni Diaries:

…I’m the guy who yelled at the driver. This happened at the stop at the corner of Market and 8th. NextMuni was reporting both an 83x and a 19 within two minutes. Right next to the Muni stop are two parking meters which are covered over in the mornings with signs designating the space as a shuttle stop. But the shuttle drivers apparently prefer to pull up at the Muni stop instead. I did not move to block the shuttle entrance, but was standing at the Muni stop and the shuttle driver pulled up right in front of me.

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