Video: Dress(er) to impress on Muni

When you see something you really want on Craigslist but you don’t have a moving truck, do you look at your Clipper Card and think, I can do this? We know at least one person did, and we have the footage to prove it. Rider @captum.cdxv tipped us off to this video of an ambitious mover who somehow hauled a giant dresser on this Muni train. Things went a bit dicey when he tried to exit at Civic Center station, though.

The dresser was so tall that it was stuck at the train door. Apparently, for 20 to 30 minutes, more and more SFMTA station agents arrived to figure out what to do. Presumably somebody finally yelled, “Pivot!” and the dresser was out the door at last.

We’ve seen some large and interesting cargo on Muni like this giant bubble wrap and a mattress, even. But this dresser takes the cake in size and awkwardness. Thanks again, @captum.cdxv, for this latest addition to the Strange Cargo report!

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Leggy ice cream sandwich sculptures wait for BART


Because of course they do.

BART rider and artist Camila Valdez left these sculptures in the Civic Center Station recently. I’m wondering how those people standing by not looking can resist.

From her biography:

Her sculptures are inspired by the secret esthetics of everyday products. Objects, in this case desserts, express their feelings to Camila through their colors, shapes and styles. She says “If a Cupcake is good looking eyecandy, it says come and get me!”


Photo by Camila

Civic Center agent’s useful advice about pants

No Pants at BART
Photo by Matthew Roth

The station agents at Civic Center have really useful advice for those of you who are partying with your blunt or caught without your pants while waiting for the train. Rachel F overheard the following announcement:

“Sir, please put your pants back on, unless you want to put them on in jail.”

Followed by: “All Muni custodians, please report to the Powell Station. ALL Muni custodians.”

Just another totally normal day, of course.

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