New streetcar line debuts next month


Do you think it’s weird how the F-Market doesn’t run on the Embarcadero south of Market, despite there being hella streetcar tracks along that stretch? You’re not alone.

Muni is set to start its much anticipated E-Embarcadero service on weekends starting in late-July. Hoodline has the deets:

Five historic streetcars will be put into service from 10am–7pm Saturdays and Sundays, with rollout of seven-day service planned in early 2016. They’ll make the same stops as the N-Judah from the Folsom stop to Caltrain, using separate street-level platforms, and will share the same stops as the existing F-line historic streetcar from the Ferry Terminal north to the Wharf. Streetcars will run about every 15 minutes.

“There are two really exciting benefits of the E-line,” said Julie Kirschbaum, operations planning and scheduling manager for SFMTA. “The first is it makes new connections. It provides a one-seat ride for people traveling from the Embarcadero to 4th and King or the ballpark.” It also provides additional capacity where the F-line is most packed: between Pier 39 and the Ferry Building. “By giving this extra service on the weekends,” she added, “it will help make the F-line less crowded.”

Check out the full story over at Hoodline, including information about drivers training to operate streetcars. Neat stuff.

We look forward not only to (EVEN MOAR) confused tourists, but also to stories that are bound to come out of this new Muni line. Muni Forward, indeed!

Photo by Jeremy Whiteman

Cal grad student envisions C-Circle Muni line

Photo by Whole Wheat Toast

Market Street Railway wrote this week about extending the E-Embarcadero line, something they’ve been advocating for years.

Springboarding off a Streetsblog SF article about tearing down the northern end of Interstate 280, MSR blog points to an ambitious proposal by UC Berkeley grad student Ben Caldwell’s vision to take the E-Embarcadero streetcar line even farther: down through Dogpatch, then west to Noe Valley via a tunnel under Potrero Hill. We did mention that the plan is ambitious, right?

Being fans of transit and tunnels and transit tunnels, we like this bold idea. It’s at least worth reading up on. Do that over at MSR’s site now. Pancakes can wait.

LiveSoma rides the E-Embarcadero

Photo by LiveSoma

Over the weekend, Muni began running the much-anticipated E-Embarcadero line that connects Fisherman’s Wharf and the Caltrain Depot at Fourth and King Streets. Service ran on Saturday and Sunday, mostly to ferry people to this weekend’s America’s Cup events on the northern waterfront.

LiveSoma took a ride on the newest Muni streetcar line, and wrote about their experience.

I sat at the very front of the car and found the driver, Angel, to be a friendly and great resource for how the waterfront has changed.  A longtime resident of San Francisco for over 30 years, he was able to share a magnificent history of San Francisco’s waterfront as we passed the different structures and attractions along the embarcadero.  The weather seemed perfect and an ocean breeze drifted into the open windows.  The scenic views from the streetcar were lovely and interesting. You could see ships on the bay and colorful and interesting people buzzing about outside.

Read the rest of this fun adventure at LiveSoma. And if you got a chance to ride the line, tell us about it here!