Cat in a chair playing music at Montgomery Station*

*Note that I don’t have much to say about this. I don’t get cats. Like, not at all. And the MD ladies are otherwise occupied, or you’d get some real editorial flavor here.

Meanwhile, there’s a cat sitting in a chair in the Montgomery Station playing music. Or, as @uppityfag frames it, “Easy listening, guitar playing hobo #kitty in Montgomery station.”

A new look for Embarcadero, Montgomery BART stations?

Image courtesy BART via SFGate

Holy transit geekery! BART folks are floating a rather expensive, rather … laborious upgrade for San Francicso’s Embarcadero and Montgomery BART stations.

According to Matier and Ross:

The rebuilding of the Embarcadero and Montgomery Street stations would require tearing out the existing walls, installing new platforms, boring additional tunnels for staircases, and putting in extra elevators.

For added safety, the new platforms would have automated sliding glass doors that would open when the trains arrive.
The whole job could take more than five years, but the stations would remain open during that time.

The price tag currently sits at $900 million, and work wouldn’t begin until the next decade.

Get all the juicy details at SFGate.

Montgomery Station String Quartet Plays ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Photo by Earthman

100 Muni StoriesMuni station diaries are a cousin of Muni diaries. Not quite the same when you’re stationary. But things. They happen. And they happen underground.

Witness @fizzylex‘s retelling in this tweet:

“There is a string quartet at Montgomery Station playing Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Wonder which instrument played “Scaramouche! Scaramouche! Will you do the Fandango?!”

100 Days, 100 Muni Stories is our way of celebrating Muni’s centennial. If you have a perfect Muni memory, share it with us. Tag your Muni tweets #100MuniStories. All 100 stories have a chance of ending up on bus ads later this year!

‘Suspicious’ ‘Package’ at Montgomery Station (update)

Photo by Paul

Update: Paul sends this update:

Suspicious Package at Montgomery Station…now being recycled.

… along with this photo:

Hilarious, ain’t it?

Original post: Muni rider Paul sends this message of holiday cheer:

Putting a box wrapped as an Xmas gift in front of the Muni Kiosk window is one ‘festive’ way to to avoid contact with Muni customers! …..Leaves more time for this attendent to talk on the phone and file her nails! Muni’s finest….hard at work finding new innovating ways to avoid customer service ….now with a festive touch!!

Send us your Muni stories. Tell all your friends.

Too close for comfort on the Fremont line

she/he shared seat
Photo by Flickr user fotogail

This story came to our inbox from BART rider Nikki.

I am a daily BART rider. Generally my BART rides are uneventful. I have my bart buddy in the morning, usually my iPod and a good book. On the way home it is very much the same, except for last night. I hopped on the Fremont bound train at 5 o’clock on the dot. It was a full train and the only seat available was the handicapped seat next to the door. I sat down and figured if someone who needed it boarded I would move.

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