The shaved-headed Muni Fare Inspector from hell

Photo by Flickr user Keisuke Omi

This delightful tale came to us from Muni rider Daishin:

I had the interesting and bizarre experience of meeting and engaging with the shaved-headed Muni fare inspector from hell. I would like to use her name but I might get sued by the Muni union.

It was a calm weekday afternoon this summer when I was accosted by this rather heavy-set youngish-looking fare inspector on the escalator coming out of Powell Street Station. She had a shaved head and looked a little like my Kung Fu male instructor. She asked for my proof of purchase, which I showed her. She then made a comment about my appearance. I think she thought I was a terrorist since I have dark hair and eyes. Laughingly I told her I WAS a terrorist and that she was a nazi with her lack of hair and attitude. She screamed at me and started talking into her walkie-talkie. I then told her she was a “cop-wanna-be”, and was insane for calling me a terrorist. I also told her to call a real cop if she wanted to arrest me.

I’ve had other friends who’ve run into this beast from Muni and complain about her surly attitude and disrespectful ways. But of course it does no good. Muni employees can only be fired if they commit murder while on the job, and even then it would be a stretch to get them convicted. Fare inspectors are the scariest bunch of fools in Muni’s employee pool.

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