Bent out of Shape at Powell Street Station

Behold the coolest PR stunts you’ll ever see for a movie.

In connection with the Clean Socks Documentary Project, a film about the Mongolian art form of contortion, these folks sampled their bendiest moves at Powell Street Station recently.

You, too, will be amazed by these contortionists “getting [their] socks very dirty for a clean socks project.” Contribute to the Clean Socks Project Kickstarter if you love what you see.

Hat tip: Amy (our new animals on transit correspondent!) at Tiny Rides

Animated! Catching Muni at Powell

Oh look, it’s moving! And I’m dizzy! Rider Doug sent us this animated gif with this note:

While I waited in the Powell station yesterday for an N train that never seems to come, I did manage to capture a series of photos showing other people catching the train. I turned the photos into a .gif.

Awesome new activity while you wait for the bus. Thanks, Doug!

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BART Music Diary: Powell Station

This video of Adrian came from rider Jessica Ann Graham via our Facebook page (which you’ve liked, right?). Adrian was rocking out at the Powell station the other day — I like how he plays to the camera.

We’ve also featured some amazing photos of BART Musicians earlier this year, including my favorite cello quartet, also at the Powell station.

Did a musician perk up your day at a Muni/BART station? Send us some photos, stories, or even better, a video, please!

The smallest gestures go a long way

San Francisco - BART
Photo by Flickr user //

BART rider Anya has this diary to share:

So BART had some serious rush-hour delays this morning. So when I got to Civic Center there was a mass of people waiting, already looking frustrated. The Pittsburg/Bay Point train pulls up LOADED with people. Naturally, when the door opens, it’s a typical battle to wrestle yourself into the train. Everyone is even more agitated and pissed.

Once we get to Powell, before the doors open, the train conductor says something to the extent of “sorry to have to start your day this way folks but look on the bright side — it’s a beautiful day outside. Forget about us and have a good rest of your day.” Everyone immediately lit up in smiles (as jam-packed as we were) and a few people chuckled.

Moral of the story: even the smallest gesture goes a long way on days like that. Thank you to that train conductor for being so positive! And to the other drivers — please try to stay positive and cheerful on the crappy days…. your words go a long way to make everyone else snap out of their angry commuter modes.

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Photo Diary: What are you rethinking?

Tee hee. A little something to get yer day started.

Rider James snapped this picture at the Powell Street Station. Perhaps the vandal was referring to the MTA board’s latest vote Tuesday to continue service cuts (Streetsblog SF) well into the 2011 fiscal year, which begins this summer, and 2012. A 10 percent service reduction will affect all Muni routes beginning May 8, 2010.

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