BART map from ye not-too-distant dayes


Funny how the recent past can look so dang old. Full-size image here.

BART rider Charles sent this relic. Here’s what he had to say:

This is a severely beaten BART map found at Powell, circa late ’90s-early 2000s, as it still shows extensions to Baypoint and Dublin still under construction. I spotted this not too long ago, though I think the only reason that it was around was that they seemed to be changing all the advertisements in the station that night. I’m not entirely sure on that though, so it may still be up there. I wonder whether any French tourists got confused.

Easy answer: Yes, tourists are confused. Hella.

This reminds me of how, every time we’re at Powell, Tara looks for the super-secret door that used to lead up to Woolworth’s.

Does Public Shaming of Fare Evaders Work?

Photo by spongemonkey

Well, this is new. If the fare cops won’t catch you, maybe public shaming will. One Muni station agent thought she’d try to appeal to a fare evader’s pride. From Muni rider Ramona S:

I’m at Powell station and hear this from the PA system: “Officer Jones, we have a fare evader on the platform, west side, a black male in black jeans and black t-shirt with white writing, carrying a red sweatshirt, approximately 6’1″…” On and on. The station agent kept announcing the alleged fare evader’s movement throughout the station and kept repeating descriptions of him and his location. I think “Officer Jones” is imaginary, as we didn’t see any police officers at the station. But still. Will the ancient tactic of public embarrassment work for fare evaders?

We sure do love a station agent with a healthy sense of humor.

Chewbacca is concerned about your Muni etiquette


“Get on the train. I don’t care what you smell!”

Leanne spotted this on what she thinks was an L at Powell Street Station:

I think the guy standing next to him is the owner, since he had a camera and might have been taking it on a shoot, but I love that he acted like it wasn’t his. Or maybe the owner was watching from afar. Pretty funny!

See, had it been me, I would’ve demanded everyone know.

We’ve seen this Chewbacca fella at a BART station, as the valiant Wookie with the heart of gold scared people into transit politeness. Just kidding, even Chewy can’t do that.

Puppet show on the platform!


Did you see Nick the puppeteer’s profile on SFGate and Mission Local? Cool stuff!

Original post:
Muni rider D felt compelled to share something underground: The Flat Broke Puppet Co.’s puppet show.

Here’s what D had to say: “Ok so maybe it wasn’t really *on* the platform per se but it was a nice surprise as I exited the Powell St. Station.”

No matter. Puppets, wolfie smooches, what more can you ask for in a commute?

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