Muni Fight Ends In Pepper Spray and a Bare Butt


My apologies in advance for the NSFW nature of this video. I don’t like it any more than you do, but then, it happened on Muni. Via SF Appeal, Dan McMenamin of Bay City News snapped two videos of a fight that broke out on Muni.

McMenamin told SFAppeal that a man and a woman started arguing on the 8X, the man poured some liquid on her, then :

“The woman who got poured on came back on the bus from another door then sprayed the guy with mace…he stumbles around as his pants start falling down. Eventually everyone on the bus had to clear out because the pepper spray spread.”

That’s why you’ll see a bare butt in the above video. Sorry. Come on guys, is this behavior really necessary?

Click over to SF Appeal to see how it all started.

  1. pepper spray

    Actually this is kind of funny,

  2. D

    Sooo where were the police who are supposedly making MUNI safer to ride? Where were the fare inspectors who’s uniformed presence is supposed to subtly deter any mischief?

    Were the on board cameras working?

    My guess is that NONE of the safety measures were in play at all.

    Just another day on a truly screwed up public transit system.

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